£7million RSA funding offered in first quarter

23 Scottish-based firms to benefit

During the first quarter of 2013/2014 Scottish Enterprise has offered 23 Scottish-based companies almost £7 million in RSA funding to support their own investment.

In total, the grants will help to safeguard or create up to 721 jobs and generate a planned £24 million of capital expenditure from the companies themselves.

Companies benefiting from the awards range from the hugely successful, Aberdeen-based BrewDog, which has been offered £400,000 to help it continue to explore new products and markets; and a new business, Border Biofuels in Dumfries, which has been offered £110,000 towards the cost of establishing a biofuel manufacturing operation.

Larger firms include KPMG, which was offered £1.7 million to help create 254 new jobs in Glasgow; and Score (Europe) Ltd, which is bringing up to 30 new jobs to Glenrothes with help from an offer of £248,000.

“This report shows RSA is reaching the companies it’s designed to help, including small enterprises becoming established and medium-sized companies developing their business" said Lena Wilson, Chief Executive of Scottish Enterprise.

“We are also continuing to attract larger businesses into Scotland, creating more jobs and more investment in the economy as a result.

“RSA is one of the primary tools we use to promote business growth in Scotland and I’m delighted to see it’s having the desired effect.“

Read the full report here.

Notes to editors

Photo caption: Scots firm BrewDog accepted an offer of £400,000 in RSA funding in the first quarter of 2013/14.

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