Report highlights role that Scotland can play in global health and wellness

Scotland could play a key role in developing advances to help keep us all living longer and healthier lives, according to a new insight report from Scottish Enterprise.

The report into Health & Wellness discusses how with a fifth of the world’s population predicted to be over the age of 60 by 2050 – with the associated age-related health issues – along with a growing incidence of chronic diseases such cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes, there is a clear move towards maintaining health, prevention of disease and early diagnosis.

The report suggests that Scotland’s experience in sectors such as life sciences, chemicals and food & drink, offers significant opportunities for its companies and researchers to develop innovative products and services to help promote healthier lifestyles, and reduce the risk of disease.

Dr Liz Fletcher, Senior Executive in the Life Sciences Sector Team at Scottish Enterprise and author of the report, said: “Chronic diseases are the root cause of over 60 per cent of all deaths globally every year and the economic impact could reach £30 trillion over the next two decades. Faced with such huge and increasing costs there’s a real move towards maintaining health and wellbeing, and Scotland is well placed to be at the forefront of developing products and services to meet this need.”

Opportunities for Scotland include the market for foods and drinks fortified with health-giving ingredients such as omega 3 oils, soluble fibre and probiotics – a global market expected to grow by 6.5 per cent a year to over $200 billion by 2016. Scotland’s research expertise in nutrition, novel crop technologies and a strong food & drink sector means Scotland is well placed to take play a significant role in this market.

The report also examines the many needs in the areas of smoking cessation, weight management, sleep aids and dental care – all of which generate opportunities for Scotland’s research and business base to address the health and wellbeing agenda.

Health & Wellness is one of a series of insight reports that Scottish Enterprise is developing to look at future opportunities related to the life sciences sector. The first, published in October, focused on Sustainability and at the global challenges and opportunities in areas such as new crop technologies, animal health, food and feed, and industrial biotechnology.

The final report on Assisted Living, due to be published shortly, will highlight Scotland’s potential strengths in the life sciences markets of home medical equipment and digital healthcare markets.

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