28 June 2019

Response to West Dunbartonshire Council's decision on Lomond Banks development

A spokesperson for the co-applicants of the Lomond Banks Planning Permission in Principle application said, “It’s disappointing that West Dunbartonshire Council don’t recognise the opportunity that the plans represent. We welcome all views on the Lomond Banks development as part of the National Park’s formal planning process, which is still live and yet to conclude.

“Lomond Banks offers a dynamic future for a site that has largely been neglected for the past 30 years. We’re proposing a unique leisure based development to give Scotland a quality destination that respects and compliments the surrounding area and that is accessible, affordable and family oriented.

“The £30m investment will create around 200 jobs and is inspired by award-winning tourism and forest adventure parks and woodland accommodation already on offer in Scotland’s National Parks.”

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