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18 December 2018

Strategic partnership signs commitment to deliver future for Michelin site

Strategic partnership signs commitment to deliver future for Michelin site: 04 SE Michelin AR

A Memorandum of Understanding affirming the intention to secure a long-term future for Michelin’s site in Dundee was signed last night (Monday 17 December).

The declaration is at the heart of a new strategic partnership, the Michelin-Scotland Alliance, which will see tyre manufacturer Michelin work collaboratively with Scottish Enterprise, Dundee City Council and other strategic partners to transform the site into a key location for new economic and employment opportunities.

The shared ambition for the partnership is to generate significant employment on the site through the development of an ambitious Michelin-Scotland Innovation Parc which will open up opportunities in manufacturing, remanufacturing, recycling and low carbon transport.

Economy secretary, Derek Mackay said: “I am pleased we have been able to secure a joint commitment between Michelin, Scottish Enterprise and Dundee City Council to secure a positive future for the Michelin Dundee site and the workforce.

“I welcome Michelin’s formal commitment to work in partnership to develop the next phase of their presence in Scotland, including the skills and the capacity of their workforce and the transformation of the site.

“This agreement confirms our shared aim to secure a long-term future for the site and to generate significant employment there. The Scottish Government will continue to do everything in its power to support the repurposing of the site which will become a key location for manufacturing, remanufacturing, recycling and low carbon transport in Scotland.”

A dedicated Programme Office has already been established to help drive phase one of Michelin-Scotland Alliance projects forward through a ‘One Scotland’ approach that engages all relevant local, regional and national organisations.

Remi de Verdilhac Secretary General Michelin said: “We are delighted to be joining the Michelin-Scotland Alliance to help ensure a bright future for the Dundee economy and the best possible outcome for all those affected by the intended closure of Michelin’s tyre manufacturing operations in the city.

“I would like to express my gratitude first and foremost to our workforce who have reacted with great dignity and professionalism in the light of recent events. Their future is our priority. I would also like to share how much we are looking forward to working with Team Scotland in the upcoming months and years to develop the Michelin-Scotland Innovation Parc which aims to leverage the strengths of the local economy to pave the way for a vibrant, innovation-led future for Dundee.”

Steve Dunlop, chief executive of Scottish Enterprise commented: “Michelin-Scotland Alliance partners have a shared ambition to realise opportunities that will not only secure a long-term future for the site in Dundee but will sustain investment and strong employment opportunities whilst capitalising on Scotland’s strengths as a trailblazer in low carbon innovation.

“The signing of this agreement marks the start of a journey. We don’t underestimate the scale of the challenge but we firmly believe there’s a win win where Dundee and the sizable site at Baldovie, along with its dedicated workforce, could have a starring role in delivering Scotland’s transition to a low carbon economy.”

Councillor John Alexander, leader of Dundee City Council said: “The signing of this agreement is an important milestone in our collective effort to deliver the best possible outcome for the Michelin workforce and for Dundee.

“The Michelin-Scotland Innovation Parc has the potential to deliver significant employment and investment opportunities while placing Dundee firmly at the forefront of low-carbon technology.

“We are clear that a lot of hard work lies ahead, but with the ongoing commitment of Michelin to Dundee, and the support of all the agencies involved, we have created a strong platform upon which to build a sustainable future for the site.”

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04 SE Michelin AR: Michelin-Scotland Alliance signing of Memorandum of Understanding.  l-r Steve Dunlop, CEO Scottish Enterprise, Remi de Verdilhac, Secretary General Michelin & Councillor John Alexander, leader of Dundee City Council

04 SE Michelin AR

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181214 MoU SE Michelin V9

181214 MoU SE Michelin V9

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