Sunhope Packaging Machinery (UK) Ltd chooses Scotland

'Team Scotland' approach supports global company to locate in Fife

Sunhope Packaging Machinery (ZHENJIANG) Co., Ltd a world-leading provider of innovative packaging solutions is establishing a new UK division called Sunhope Packaging Machinery (UK) Ltd in Glenrothes.

With its core team based in Zhenjiang City, which is in the Jiangsu Province of China, Sunhope has been involved in the manufacture of machinery for over thirty years. In recent times, with a growing demand globally for a return to paper bags, the business has grown to be the leading manufacturer of paper bag machines and ancillary equipment for the packaging industry in China, and additionally, has a strong market in South Asia.

Sunhope Packaging Machinery (ZHENJIANG) Co., has collaborated with Scottish Development International (SDI) and InvestFife to identify and acquire the ideal site at Southfield Industrial Estate. The site is being fully refurbished mostly by local Fife businesses to serve as a modern facility and demonstration hub, showcasing Sunhope machines to potential customers from the UK, Europe, North America, and beyond.

After considering potential sites in France, The Netherlands, and Belgium, Sunhope chose to establish a factory in the UK. The Glenrothes site was selected due to its proximity to existing Sunhope customers and its easy access to major road networks of Central Scotland and Edinburgh Airport for receiving international customers. The new factory will also serve as a training hub, offering comprehensive training packages for customers’ personnel. Additionally, the factory will showcase production processes and demonstrate Sunhope machines in action.

Sunhope has very strong ambitions to be a green business and has been successful in obtaining “Net Zero” grant funding to assist them with building a green and sustainable business in Fife through Business Gateway Fife. As well as “Net Zero” grants the business has benefitted from Specialist Business Advice from Business Gateway Fife and Scottish Enterprise.

Andy Lindsay, Managing Director at Sunhope Packaging Machinery (UK) Ltd said: “Sunhope Packaging Machinery (UK) Ltd are grateful for the initial and continued support we have received whilst going through the process of setting up the new business, both from the SDI China team, as well as the Scottish based teams. We have been able to secure grants and funding for various projects, alongside practical support in assisting with accountancy and IT assistance. During these financially challenging times, all help and advice is invaluable.”

Andy continued: “As a business our parent company has invested significantly in this project, so having the support, help and advice offered through SDI, Invest Fife, and Business Gateway Fife has been paramount to ensure the success of the investment in Fife, Scotland.”

Commenting from Fife Council, Cllr Altany Craik said: “The support and assistance provided by InvestFife, Business Gateway Fife and our partners SDI and Scottish Enterprise, demonstrates our commitment to fostering a business-friendly environment and facilitating the growth of our companies, and our strength in attracting new business to the region.

"Moving forward our expert teams will continue to provide assistance and support to Sunhope Packaging as they establish their presence in Fife.

"On behalf of Fife Council, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to Sunhope Packaging Machinery (UK) Ltd, and I look forward to seeing the business grow and develop right here in Fife. Their arrival will make a positive impact on the local economy and the local job market.“

Mark Hallan, Director of Global Investment at Scottish Enterprise, said: “Sunhope Packaging’s decision to invest in Scotland is great news for the country’s economy and the local workforce in Fife.

 “Our inward investment specialists in China have established a productive relationship with Sunhope and were able to highlight why Scotland was an ideal location for its European technology support centre.  We’ve since been pleased to work with our partners at InvestFife to help the company locate premises in Glenrothes for this innovative project.

 “As a result of our skilled workforce and supportive business environment, Scotland continues to attract ambitious international companies that are looking to grow globally.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Sunhope as the company develops its presence in Scotland.”

With the full refurbishment and modernisation of the new factory at Southfield Industrial Estate nearly complete, Sunhope is keen to begin phase two which will see the factory equipped with machinery and equipment, arriving from China in the next few months.

Recruitment efforts to build a highly skilled production team, specifically machine technicians, will be initiated. This team will play a crucial role in carrying out installations, servicing, and provide additional training not only locally but also globally. Their expertise will enable Sunhope to offer comprehensive support to customers worldwide.

In addition to the production capabilities, Sunhope is planning to provide a sourcing service for customers who require assistance in sourcing suitable raw materials. This service will help streamline the supply chain and ensure that customers have access to high-quality materials for their specific needs.

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The photo shows (from left to right): Dorothy Smith, Enterprise and Business Development Manager, Economic Development, Fife Council; Councillor Altany Craik, Spokesperson for Finance, Economy & Strategic Planning, Fife Council; Andy Lindsay, Managing Director (UK), Sunhope Packaging Machinery; Allan Zhu, Owner, Sunhope Packaging Machinery; Fraser McKee, Senior Business Adviser, Business Gateway Fife; Donna Ness, Team Leader for Strategy, Planning & Propositions in Global Investment, Scottish Enterprise; Daniel Laing, Investment Officer, Economic Development, Fife Council